Bicycle collections

Helmets handcrafted in our workshops in France: ultra-comfortable, lightweight, safe and resolutely designer! Each piece is meticulously crafted with care and passion by our teams. Noble materials and meticulous finishing give our creations a timeless allure, combining elegance and robustness. All our helmets are compatible with our magnetic shields and inner liners for summer and winter, offering optimum protection in all weather conditions.


Thermoplastic resin bicycle helmets in bright colors.

At last, a chic, designer bike helmet you'll love wearing!


Bicycle helmets in thermoplastic resin with a full-grain leather bead.

Available in 11 colors, they let you express your style.


A collection not to be missed! Full-grain leather bicycle helmets.

The timeless beauty of a helmet handcrafted for you in France.


The carbon-fiber bicycle helmet.

Light, technical, high-performance, carbon in all its beauty.


Accessories for your helmets: Cristal or Fumée magnetic visors, summer or winter interior trim.

Compatible with all our helmets.