It all started with a simple observation:
"With urban bike helmets like riding bombs, there was always something wrong. If the helmet was designer, it wasn't comfortable. If it was comfortable, it wasn't light enough. If it was light, it wasn't protective enough, or very hard-wearing.

So we decided to create (almost) perfect bicycle helmets and riding bombs, combining all these elements: hyper helmets".

Under the aegis of the Gods

In Greek mythology, the aegis is a magical shield worn by the gods, notably Zeus and Athena. It is an exceptional form of protection designed to guarantee the safety of the wearer, but it is also a work of art in its own right. Homer describes it as "precious, unalterable and immortal" (αἰγίδ᾽ ἐρίτιμον ἀγήρων ἀθανάτην τε).
Part of its power comes from the material it's made from, the skin of a sacred goat, Amalthée. EGIDE, inspired by the figure of Athena, goddess of war, wisdom, artists and craftsmen, asserts this functional and aesthetic origin, based on the value of the material used.

Timeless beauty

EGIDE has one ambition: to turn urban bike helmets and riding bombs into genuine fashion accessories. Beyond their utilitarian function, their mission is to accompany you with elegance in your urban and sporting activities.
At the crossroads of vintage and high-tech aesthetics, EGIDE helmets are very much in tune with the times, and beyond passing fashions, they remain timeless. Inspired by helmets from different eras and from various warlike and sporting practices, their design is based on complex work, which ultimately leads to the greatest simplicity, "that supreme sophistication", as Leonardo da Vinci said. Without hesitation, we can say that EGIDE helmets are among the most accomplished in terms of both design and quality of finish.

Outstanding quality

This timeless line is based on proven expertise from craftsmen specialized in luxury helmets and accessories. Designed in Paris, EGIDE helmets are manufactured in Brie-Comte-Robert and Cholet.
The shells are manufactured using some of the strictest safety processes in the world, while the linings and interiors of each helmet are produced entirely by hand, ensuring an impeccable finish.
EGIDE is also the only helmet brand to offer a wide variety of noble materials, from millennia-old leather to high-tech carbon.

EGIDE, more than a brand, a talisman

From its mythological and warrior origins, EGIDE has retained its demand for safety, but also a certain sense of panache.

An EGIDE helmet is not just another accessory. It is a fetish object that expresses the wearer's identity. It was designed to transform the everyday object into a chivalrous helmet. In a word, to be the helmet of modern-day heroes and heroines.