It takes no less than ten steps to manufacture EGIDE bicycle, ski or riding helmets, in leather or technical materials. All these steps are carried out by hand, in Brie-Comte-Robert and Cholet.


Leather selection and processing

The full-grain leathers used for EGIDE helmets are selected from the most renowned tanneries.
They are then mass-treated, guaranteeing unfailing resistance to rain, UV and surface aggression.


Carbon / Fiberglass: selection and treatment

For technical materials, EGIDE has chosen carbon and fiberglass. Used in the aeronautics industry for high-performance technical parts, these materials guarantee helmet strength, lightness and safety. Their surface is then coated with an anti-scratch varnish.



The next stage in the manufacturing process: the leathers are cut by hand, to ensure that the leather craftsman is able to locate and select the parts without imperfections.


Carbon / Fiberglass: The cut

As with leather, technical materials are cut by hand, this time with a die, according to rigorous draping plans. The craftsman's eye guarantees that the selected pieces are flawless.


Leather sewing

Joints and topstitching are made by hand, using a special thread selected for its high resistance to rain, UV and surface abrasion.


Gluing and sheathing

Once the surfaces have been prepared, the skullcap is glued and the leather is applied to the skullcap. An inspection is necessary after the drying time.



The components added at this stage are checked and weighed one by one. The chinstrap and ventilation eyelets are then crimped, the protective foam glued, and the visor fitted.



Hot-stamping of the EGIDE logo on the helmet and chinstrap completes the meticulous finish.


and compliance monitoring

Once manufactured, each helmet is subject to European standards:
These tests are carried out at extreme temperatures (from -20 to +50°). Random certification follow-up tests are carried out in collaboration with an accredited French laboratory.


Control / Shipping

Final step: each helmet is inspected one last time. All helmets are numbered for traceability. Before being carefully packed and delivered with the owner's manual in a protective cloth bag.