Interview guide

Resistance is one of the great qualities of EGIDE helmets.
Of course, their longevity also depends on their maintenance.
Here's a care and use guide to ensure their longevity.

Storage and use

The EGIDE helmet comes in a protective bag and storage box.
To avoid any scratches, damage or abrasion to parts of the helmet, we recommend carrying it in its protective bag.
When not in use, keep the helmet in its storage box, out of direct sunlight. The helmet must never be left for long periods within reach of a source of light and/or heat (e.g. under the rear window of a car parked in the sun), and must not be exposed to temperatures below -20°C or above +50°C.
Check the internal and external condition of the helmet and chinstrap before and after each use.
Contact with corrosive or aggressive substances must be avoided. The use of solvents can alter the helmet's characteristics and compromise its quality.
The life of your helmet will depend on how carefully it is maintained and used.

Helmet care
in ATLAS leather

EGIDE Atlas helmets are sheathed in genuine full-grain leather.
Leather is a natural material that can evolve and develop a patina over time. It can also contain certain irregularities (shades of color, veins, scars, etc.), which differentiates it from over-treated leather or imitation leather.
Despite treatment to resist weathering and ultraviolet rays, we recommend :

  • not to expose it for too long to the sun or the moon and to store it in its protective bag;
  • Store in a place that is neither too damp nor too dry, at room temperature;
  • wipe it with a soft cloth after use in the rain and leave it to dry away from any source of heat (radiator, etc.);
  • use only cleaning products suitable for natural leather, and never solvents.

Instruction manual

Please download our user manual

Interior trim


The EGIDE helmet features an inner liner.
Hand wash with mild soap.
or machine wash in cold water.


Pull the inner liner firmly towards you.



Identify the 4 helmet clips. Identify the 4 notches on the edge of the inner liner.


Position the inner liner in the helmet, with the notches facing the clips.


Push in the inner liner all the way around the helmet.