Concept The hyper helmet

EGIDE is the hyper helmet: the extreme helmet. Whether for bike, horse or ski, the EGIDE helmet combines superlative and usually contradictory qualities: hyper design, but also super light, incredibly comfortable, very protective, resistant over time... Before EGIDE, riders and cyclists had to choose between these qualities. Now, all they have to do is choose the model and the color...

Design The pleasure of materials

Exceptional materials: traditional (leather, linen) or technical (Kevlar, carbon). The choice is yours...


Full-grain leather treated to withstand anything, for a touch of vintage design


Natural fiber wrapped in resin, for a totally new design


A futuristic, lightweight, ultra-resistant fiber for ultra-technological design

ManufacturingMade in France

Yes, Made in France... Designed in Paris, EGIDE helmets are manufactured in Nantes and Cholet, a matter of quality and safety.... Coming from the luxury and leather goods industries, our craftsmen love a job well done.