In order to have a helmet which perfectly fits each and every head, EGIDE has created comfort foams of different sizes.

Warning: As heads come in many shapes and sizes, some helmets will not necessarily fit everyone. It is vital you try several helmets on and choose one which fits your head properly without being too tight or uncomfortable.

How to measure head circumference:
wrap a measure tape around the middle of your forehead, 1cm above your ears.

Size correspondence

Head circumference Size
54 – 55 cm S
55 – 57 cm M
58 – 59 cm L




Storage and normal use of the helmet

The helmet comes with a protective bag and a storage box.
In order to avoid scratches, deterioration or abrasion of the helmet, it is recommended to carry it in its protective bag.
When the helmet is not in use, it is recommended to keep it in its storage box, away from direct sunlight. The helmet must be kept away from any extended exposure to light or heat (e.g under the rear window of a car parked in the sun) and must not be exposed to temperatures lower than -20°C or higher than 50°C.
Check the helmet’s inner and outer state as well as the chin strap before and after each use.
Contact with corrosive or aggressive substances must be avoided. Exposure to solvents can alter the helmet’s characteristics and compromise its quality.
The helmet’s lifespan will depend on how much care is given to its maintenance and its use.

Maintenance of ATLAS leather helmets

EGIDE Atlas helmets are wrapped in French genuine full-grain leather.
Leather is a natural material which can evolve and acquire a patina over time. It can also have some irregularities (colour shades, veins, scars,…) which differentiate it from over treated or imitation leather.
Even though each Atlas helmet has undergone water-repellent and anti-UV treatments, it is recommended:
– to avoid extended sun or moon exposure and to store it in its protective bag ;
– to store it in a place at room temperature, without excessive humidity or dryness ;
– to wipe it after using it in the rain and to allow it to dry away from any heat source (radiator, …);
– to make sure it undergoes a new water-repellent treatment every 6 months and after heavy rain ;
– to use adequate maintenance products for natural leather and to never use solvents.


Please click here to download the owners’manual.



EGIDE helmets are fitted with an inner padding. It is recommended to hand wash the padding with mild soap or to put it in the washing machine at low temperature.


Pull towards yourself on the side of the comfort foams near a clip.



1) Locate the helmet’s four clips and the four notches along the side of the inner padding.


2) Slowly slide the plastic edges along the side of the helmet, placing their notch in the middle of the clips.


3) Push the plastic edges down into the side of the helmet starting with the front clip. Make sure the plastic edges are properly pushed down near the clips.


Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our team.